While volunteers were going through donations at a charity thrift store, a dangerous military weapon was discovered.

It's Time To Start Thinking About Spring Cleaning Your Home

During this time of year, you start thinking about the nicer weather coming up just around the corner. You can't help it but also in the back of your mind, you're thinking about all those chores that are going to be waiting for you. On the top of that list is spring cleaning. We all hate doing it but it's necessary after a long winter.

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Donation Unwanted Items After Spring Cleaning

After you're done with spring cleaning, I'm going to guess that there will be a pile of stuff you no longer want or need. What do you do with those items? You could host a garage sale but that's a lot of work. You could try to sell them on the internet but again takes time. My suggestion is to donate them to a charity-run thrift shop. That way it's going to a good cause plus it's a tax deduction.

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The Wrong Kind Of Item Was Donated To Goodwill In Illinois

Someone in Illinois did just what I was talking about. They did some spring cleaning and donated the unwanted things to Goodwill. Unfortunately, one of the items not only isn't accepted by the charity but also causes a big commotion.

According to fox32chicago.com,

A Goodwill store and donation center in Round Lake Beach was evacuated Saturday after an employee discovered what appeared to be a grenade among the donated items.


Goodwill employees contacted Round Lake Beach police who determined the device was a training grenade, which is a hollowed-out decommissioned grenade.


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