Illinois man could face years of bad karma after stealing from church donations.

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St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Elmhurst has a special place where members can request memorials for deceased people of the parish. A cash donation will be accepted for completing the request. It's called the Memorial Table. If anyone would like to give money, there's a place to leave the cash.

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There's only one way to collect the money donated at the Memorial Table. The leader of this Illinois church is given a special key to use to open the donation box. That person is the only one with the authority to handle that cash. A former church president never returned his key. Back then, it didn't seem like a big deal but it really turned out to be.

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A man by the name of Peter Barkoulies ruined it for everyone. He's a former president of the church, so he's got that special key. Even though his time as leader was over, he refused to turn over his key. That's when money from the Memorial Table donation basket started disappearing. The suspect would open the box and take the money out for himself.

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The thief stole the money over several weeks. He ended up taking $700 total. It doesn't seem like much but a small church like this one can't afford to lose the donation money like that. I just keep thinking to myself, this has a lifetime of Bad Karna written all over it.

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