The Scenic Dover Impulse HIGHdraulic Elevator, you know what that is right?

Photo - YouTube
Photo - YouTube

I stumbled across this video shot in a downtown Rockford parking garage, and it's the best thing I've seen all day.

Ryan is an 18 year old kid from Wheaton, IL that is way smarter than this guy. His knowledge of this specific type of elevator, and his knowledge on basically everything is crazy. I kinda wanna hang out with this dude.

So the Scenic Dover Impulse HIGHdraulic Elevator in downtown Rockford, here are the details:

This has been my favorite elevator in Rockford since 2006, when my uncle owned the King's Table Cafe in the Stewart Square building across from this, which you can see in the video. Stewart Square has Schindler RT traction elevators, which will be filmed. This elevator is, without a doubt, unique. Listen to that floor passing chime! It's not the Dover buzz or the bird chirp, so maybe I'll call this the "squeaky shoe" floor passing chime. This looks to have been installed in the early to mid 1990's, and yet it's relay-controlled, as shown by the floor indicator, which confuses me. As you can see, from 2011, all the Impulse buttons inside have had their lights replaced with red bulbs. From the looks of the doors, this thing could have had bumpers at one point. It is very large for a parking garage with a 3500 pound capacity, which is why the "No Bicycles In Elevator" sign in front of it confuses me. - Ryan

See if you can figure out exactly where this is in Rockford, the ending will help greatly.



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