RPS 205 is sharing insight into what has caused major problems in their network across all schools.

This is a frustrating situation for any operation to go through. Just a few months ago our building (and company as a whole) went through this exact situation. It was stressful and felt like there was no end in sight. It is not an "easy fix" and will likely take several days until RPS 205's system is back to normal.

The outage was triggered by ransomware, and we’re working with our Information Technology team and an outside computer forensics firm to restore access.

This ransomware attack is affecting their internet, information systems, and phones, too. The district is working on the phone situation as fast as possible.

We’re rerouting any down phone lines to working lines, so parents/guardians are still able to contact schools via phone.

We've seen similar stories in the news with data breaches seemingly happening regularly but RPS 205 assures they're taking every step with students and staff in mind.

Our No. 1 priority is the safety of our students and staff. This includes protecting staff and students’ data and information. We have field experts helping our IT team evaluate the impact of this outage. We are working to get a complete picture of this incident and understand any impact to our data. We will provide additional updates and information when they’re available.

All RPS 205 schools and offices will remain open during the outage but please remember the staff has nothing to do with the ransomware attack. Be patient when dealing with school-related staff.

WREX reports this is nationwide ransomware attack.

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