Illinois Biker Club Against Bullying shared a message for students entering the 2020/2021 academic school year. Really, this reminder from the club is something adults need to take to heart as well.

You may have heard skeptics when it comes to bullying but the fact is, bullying has been a problem for decades. If someone denounces bullying citing "weak" people or some other excuse they were probably a bully in school and remain a bully as an adult.

Elementary Age Bullying in Schoolyard
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If we are discussing solely kids bullying their peers it can be a sensitive topic. As a parent, I have had the unfortunate task of dealing with their child being bullied. The reason, "it's just kids being kids."

That is an unacceptable answer in all scenarios.

When my oldest attended a school within RPS 205, the lack of acknowledgment after bringing the issue to the forefront was nothing short of infuriating.

This changed when several phones were called and even more emails were sent. The issue was loosely addressed but ultimately led to leaving the district.

(I can not vouge for how RPS 205 currently handles bullying today but I can vouge for the district my kids are in as of the past three years and it has been impressive.)


Credit: Bikers Against Bullying - Illinois, Facebook
Credit: Bikers Against Bullying - Illinois, Facebook

A motorcycle club is continuing its mission of spreading positivity to the youth of Illinois by encouraging them to not be a. bully.

Here are some of the actions the group is encouraging

For students who may be struggling to make friends, students being picked on, students who are new, shy, or not with the "in crowd", or eating lunch alone...

Say hi, Smile at them. Ask if you can sit with them. Include them.

The part of the club's message is something even adults should take to heart, just replace "school" with home, work, etc.

You never know when that person is facing inside or outside of school.

Here is the post being shared on Facebook.

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