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It feels like we lost a year, and now we can make up for it. The pandemic took away our social lives and those times that we cherish. Part of living in Northern Illinois, is visiting those small town treasures. Places you call your own, places that create instant memories, and places that can be described at "charming." As the article states PUREWOW hitting small towns is a great way to ease yourself back into some travel. A refreshing way to get yourself back into society without some big city hustle and bustle.

Now that we can travel around and recapture those memories, here's a special list of the 10 most charming small towns in Illinois. It's no shocker to me personally, that Rockton has made this list. The downtown has a little something for everyone and it comes with a very welcoming feel. From the gazebo near the water, the delicious restaurants on the main drag, and a peaceful park and pool for families...oh, and of course, who can stop by downtown Rockton without stopping for a sweet treat from Dairyhaus. Oh man how I missed that last year. Hopefully with this "bridge phase," we can get Brent back to work and that Wedding Cake ice cream flowing again!  Oh a bonus to Rockton, the Chief of Police is an alright guy too...dry sense of humor, and likes to rock and roll!

Rockton is indeed, charming. Let's take a look at the list:

  • 1. Galena
  • 2. Woodstock
  • 3. Princeton
  • 4. Rockton
  • 5. Nauvoo
  • 6. Ottawa 
  • 7. Quincy
  • 8. Fulton
  • 9. Lebanon
  • 10. Arthur & Arcola

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