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Saturday is the first day of spring, and the nicer weather is finding it's way here...hopefully for more than ten days in a row.

With spring and summer come some road trips, and this summer you should carve out some time to it the road. Things are opening back up and making restaurant stops, and even some actual attractions are in our near future.

Illinois has some hidden weird attractions spread across the state. Do you know where Raven's Grin is located in Illinois? That one didn't make my list, but it's the weirdest of the weird.

Here are Three Bizarre Illinois Road Trip Attractions You Must See. ONLY

Alton, Illinois - Historic Museum of Torture Devices - Just when you think you've seen EVERY Middle Ages Torture Devices, you haven't! Take grandma to see the "Head Crusher."

Windsor, IL - Goat Tower of Baaa - A 31 foot tower, made of brick that local goats climb. There are 276 spiral stairs that you can get car sick watching goats walk up in circles.

Niles, IL - Leaning Tower of Pisa - You could take a selfie and tell people you left the country this summer. Not far from O'hare, this mock tower actually serves a great purpose to the community. Not only does it look like you are in Italy, it's a utility tower for storing water filtration tanks.

Save up a little extra gas money, (this $3.00 a gallon stuff sucks) and get out there to explore Illinois...the weird sides of Illinois.


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