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So are expecting, or know someone that is in 2021...that baby is worth $1400! O.K., so the kid is worth more than that, but you can collect an additional $1400 Stimulus Check for having a baby in 2021. Fortune

With $1400 checks arriving in your direct deposit, and additional dollars for kids under your roof, if you are expecting another child you could get one more $1400 check. Here's what you need to do mom and dad:

When filing your 2021 taxes, claim the newborn using the "Recovery Rebate Credit." The IRS uses your taxes to send out the Stimulus Checks, so file properly using the "Recovery Rebate Credit" which allows you to receive a payment that the IRS folks missed out on. The form is also used by people that didn't receive their first and second stimmy checks. By using this form, you are requesting an additional $1400 check for your new bundle of joy.

The actual $1400 check for the baby being born in 2021, will not arrive in your account until 2022...but knowing that there is additional funds heading your way is always good. That's clothes, gymnastics practice, traveling sports teams, and the current trendy toy all in one. Or it's hopping a plane for a quick vacation getaway for the parents, as grandma and grandpa get to do some babysitting. However you decide to spend it, you need to file for it first, so get at it new moms and dads!


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