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According to Gov. Pritzker, we are in this BRIDGE PHASE now...This phase allows us to transition to a fully opened state of Illinois. There are pieces to this bridge puzzle that we must make fit, prior to opening.

70% of people 65 and over must get the first vaccine shot. Also a limited number of COVID-19 related hospital stays is required. Once we reach these goals, Illinois we begin the opening process.

Masks appear to be staying put for a while, but you have to imagine there will come a day where the mask mandate is lifted and you could toss yours if you want, but will you.

So here is your Friday question...Once you are no loner required to wear a mask, will you? While protecting yourself, and protecting others is the reason we wear them...what happens when Gov. J.B. Pritzker says we can ditch them?

While I do dig the amount of sanitizer available pretty much everywhere you go these days, once the "coast is clear" I'm pretty over the mask thing. Feeling secure about where things are, I think being mask free is o.k. with me.

I guess there isn't a right or wrong answer here, it's how you feel personally:

I'm very curious to take the pulse of Rockford on this hot topic. Occasionally I see people rebelling against the mask mandate locally, but not often.

Enjoy your weekend, be safe, and let's work together to achieve these goals the governor has asked for.

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