If I learned one thing from social media recently, it's that the art scene in Rockford is very much alive and well.  I don't think I go a day without seeing a different event popping up inviting me to come see so-and-so's new gallery or exhibit. Which is awesome!!!!!

Rockford Area Art Council's ArtScene is this weekend and is just a little different then your normal art gallery. First off it's held annually both in April and October. It starts tonight and continues on into Saturday. It's also held in 30 different local business locations in Metro, Midtown, and Downtown Rockford. Each location has it's own theme with the art centered around it, with some being interactive. Along with the paintings, sculptures, and more there will also be music! The flyer I'm currently looking at has so much information on exactly what's happening that I'd be typing FOREVER!!! So I'll just give you the link to the Rockford Area Art Council's site and you can see what I mean.

There were some exhibits that stuck out to me including the one at 317 Studio & Gallery. There they'll have an interactive Day of the Dead display, where people can bring in pictures or items from loved ones that have passed to add to the display. Innovatech is going to be showcasing some local artist I'm friends with so I know that the art there will be amazing! The Olympic Tavern's theme is "Dragons & The Upside Down" featuring art inspired by Stranger Things and Game of Thrones.

Admission is free with the hopes that those who attend are inspired and purchase something from one of the many local talented artists.

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