Congratulations to Doreen J. from Rockford for winning $1,000,000!

My grandmother would play the lottery all the time. I was never a big winner, but she did pretty good for herself. I think the most I won on a scratch off ticket was $100, which is HUGE compared to most winners.

Illinois Lottery
Illinois Lottery

She purchased the lucky ticket at the Stop ‘N Go, 2211 Charles Street in Rockford. She isn't the first, or the last of the lucky winners in Rockford. Do you remember Tom Brown who won $100,000 on Friday the 13th in March? He bought his lucky ticket at Schnucks.

This is how Doreen found out that she won:

I was sitting at my kitchen table. It was my mom’s birthday and I was about to make her a nice dinner. When I scratched my ticket, I couldn’t believe I won $1million!  I used a magnifying glass to take a closer look!

As of now, there aren't any big dream plans in Doreen's future for her new found wealth, but she does plan to invest. Congratulations Doreen!


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