Last Friday I got my motorcycle license.

Motorcycle riding

Back when I was 18-19 I had motorcycle license and a small bike that I rode around for a couple summers. When it was time to renew my motorcycle license, I had sold my bike and thought I'll never ride again.

I took a new riders course last fall to get back in the swing of things. I had a great time and learned things I for sure didn't know before. This past Friday, I geared up and went to the Belvidere DMV to complete the process. By the way the Belvidere DMV, the nicest DMV ever.

The freedom of being out on the road even on a Friday morning when it's quite chilly, is amazing.

I saw so many bikes out on the road this weekend. I took a casual drive to Byron on Sunday, and the bikes were out in full force.

Ever wonder what Rockford looks like through the eyes of a Motorcyclist, here you go.



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