The new exhibit coming to the Rockford Art Museum will be showcasing the art of the biker subculture.

On a nice summer day in Rockford, I have the windows of my house open to enjoy the fresh air and hearing the sounds of the season. Around here, it's the roar of a motorcycle.

The state line area definitely has a love for bikes. It's home to the world's oldest family-owned dealership, Kegel Harley Davidson.

The interesting thing about the world of motorcycles and bikers is that even though it's considered anti-establishment if you look deep into it. The culture is very artistic. When you go to any of the big rallies like Sturgis, you can really see it.

Even though at first glance, this new exhibit coming to Rockford Art Museum might seem strange. In reality, it's a great fit. I'm so excited to go down and check it out.

According to, the name of this new temporary exhibition coming to town is "Misfits." It runs from October 13th until January 28th.

"Misfits surveys 1960s biker subculture through film, literature, and Danny Lyon’s iconic photography portfolio."

"This feature exhibition incorporates a portion of that decade’s social landscape, exploring the influence the movement made on filmmakers, authors, and artists during this turbulent, experimental era. Included are vintage bikes and ephemera, plus firsthand stories documenting the Rockford motorcycle scene of the 1960s and the impact it had on the country."

This sounds great for art fans, motorcycle enthusiasts, and cultural historians.

They will be hosting several events to go along with it.

  • Opening night will feature a motorcycle rally.
  • Movie Monday film series featuring "Biker Flix."
  • Songwriter show.
  • Drinks and coffee with the curator.
  • Moto patch workshop.
  • Poetry night.

Lots of fun activities.

Besides this incredible exhibit, the Rockford Art Museum is an excellent place to visit. There are lots of fascinating things to see.

I hope you get a chance to go down and check it out.


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