If you have never been the "boat race" at the Rockford Speedway, well grab some buds and check it out this Saturday night.

"Nick's Beatin and Bangin Boat Race" is this Saturday night at the Rockford Speedway, and this will keep you standing and gasping. I went to my first one of these, years ago...I don't think I've been the same.

So you get other racing action Saturday night with the Late Models, the Road Runners, the Sportsmen, but at the end things get fishy.

Some sort of vehicle with a trailer and a boat on it...they race, they cross over, they get destroyed. The clean up after it's done takes some time, because the destruction is epic.

Gates and 5, first race at 7:07 and you can get your tickets online HERE. There will be NO over the phone sales for tickets, but if you have any questions about the boat race of anything else, call 815-633-1500.


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