New technology will protect your tires against potholes in Rockford.

The pothole problem in Rockford is infamous.

A few months ago, I was driving into work. It was dark, so I didn't see a big pothole in the road. When I hit it, I thought the bottom fell off of my car. A couple of blocks later, the tire light in my car was going off. By the time I arrived, it was completely flat. I took it to get fixed but it was a total loss.

I know I'm not the only one with that problem. In fact, there were so many this spring, the city stopped accepting claims.

There could be a solution to that problem.

According to,

"Michelin and General Motors are working on a new wheel technology that will make flat tires a thing of the past. The new Uptis Prototype (“Unique Puncture-proof Tire System”) would help save 200 million tires from being scrapped every year. Michelin hopes to have the tires up for sale as early as 2024."

I think it would be a wise investment in Rockford.


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