The Rockford Police Department received an award for leading the state of Illinois in DUI arrests.

I hope by now, everyone is smart enough to not drink and drive. There are severe consequences if you're caught.

If you had any doubts and live in Rockford, this should convince you.

According to,

"For several years now, the Rockford Police Department has been recognized for making the most DUI arrests in the state."

The RPD was recognized by the "Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists."

In 2017, there were 490 DUI arrests made in the Forest City. That's top in the state excluding Chicago and the state police. Officer Andrew Hartman lead the charge with 100 himself.

In 2018, Rockford already has surpassed 2017 totals with 500.

It's easy to avoid becoming a statistic, just don't drink and drive.


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