With all that is going on in 2020, let's get into the serious stuff...Are boneless wings, wings?

We have some awesome wing places in Rockford (I sure do miss LT's wings) but there's a hot debate we need to look into, boneless wings. Are they wings? Are they nuggets or tenders? Would you go out for wings with your buddies and order boneless wings?

I have orders as an appetizer, and obviously have consumed boneless wings. But are they "wings," I say no. Can they be a delicious appetizer, of course...But no they are not wings. I don't think they are technically tenders either, I thing calling them "nuggets" is actually correct. By the shape and size, they are nuggets.

A man in Lincoln City, Nebraska took this debate in front of his local city council:

Now it's time for you to be heard, Rockford. Are boneless wings, wings?

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