Happy national "Satisfied With Being Single Day"!

I love that this falls right before Valentine's Day. It's a great way to embrace the solo life. It's also a great day to print out a picture of your ex. I know it sounds counter productive, but it's actually going to benefit you this weekend.

The benefit? Free wings. What's better than that? Hooters does this hilarious thing every year where they want to help you get over your ex, and in return they'll also give you some free food.

So I went to go check if the Hooters in Rockford is one of the participating locations, and it led me to a virtual survey about my ex. So of course I took it. Here's what the survey looked like -


So after I chose some of the hilarious options, they lead me here.


Then they made me pick a picture, and I wasn't really trying to shred an ex. So I picked a picture of the 97ZOK logo (oops).


Well, here we go.


I'M SORRY 97ZOK! I didn't mean it!

After all that virtual shredding, I was finally prompted to enter my information for a coupon to the Rockford location. So if you have an ex you're ready to get over, and you're also a wing lover, then this is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Also, I still recommend printing out a picture to ACTUALLY shred. Sounds like a great way to get over someone.


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