I am two weeks away from my next bodybuilding show and I really, really want chicken wings.


Sure, I eat a ton of chicken already but it's not dripping in sauce and sitting next to an ice cold beer.

I have always been a chicken wing guy, and I will go out of my way to find great spots.

Hot is good, but they need to have flavor. Super hot wings JUST to be hot is silly to me. If they are on fire but have a great flavor, I'm all about it.

Before they closed down I used to go to LT's on Alpine for their wings, I thought they were the best around. Big and full of flavor.

According to ONLY it's tine to pack up the car and hit the road on a chicken wings road trip! Here are 9 Restaurants Serve The Best Wings In Illinois.

  • Dak - Chicago
  • 12th Street Wings- Forest Park
  • The Wagon - Decatur
  • Buffalo Wings and Rings- Chicago
  • Wings, Etc.- Crystal Lake
  • Buffalo Joe's - Chicago and Evanston
  • Franks for the Memories - Mundelein
  • Thai Taste- Carbondale
  • Garner’s Pizza and Wings- Morton


How many chicken wings can you buy with $1000 or even $10,000?