In exchange for backing his new album, this Rockford native offers to do some chores around your house.

Ernie Hendrickson was born in Wisconsin but his family moved to the Rock River Valley area when he was a baby. At first, they lived in Belvidere but moved to Rockford when it was time to attend school. He went to White Swan, Flinn, and Jefferson.

Hendrickson joined the school music program in middle school. In high school, he would start playing in Rock bands.

Eventually, he was the lead singer and guitar player for The Seed Band. They were a popular group in the state line area. They had a great fanbase packing shows at places like Davis Park, Sinnissippi Park, Times Theater, Kryptonite, L.T.'s, Metrocentre, and many more.

Like anything, that band ran its course. Ernie started a solo project and pushed ahead. He moved to Chicago where he continues to write, record, perform, and sometimes even teach. He also tours around the country.

He's never forgotten where he came from. He still comes home to play shows. In fact this summer he'll be performing at Anderson Gardens, Klehm Arboretum, and Mary's Place.

For a professional working musician like Ernie, it's all about writing music and putting it out for the fans. That takes us to now.

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I think we all know the story of the music industry. Technology has changed everything. As an artist, you have to think out of the box.

Ernie is putting the finishing touches on his new album. It will be out this summer.

Now, it's time for some creativity to celebrate the release. To help with marketing, Hendrickson has started a Kickstarter campaign.

It's a great way to get the word out to the fans and also for the fans to support the artist.

There are many different packages you can purchase. It starts with a simple $5 plan that gives you a four-song preview of the new album. Other packages include CD's, vinyl, posters, shirts, and digital downloads.

There are some unique opportunities if you would like to invest a little bit more. For example, the band will record a cover song of your choice. Perform with Hendrickson on stage during a gig. A private concert at your house. My personal favorite is Ernie will paint your garage.

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