One of the most successful horror franchises is back with a sequel that doesn't look like some stoopid knock off. Halloween (the movie) returns this Halloween (the holiday).

It picks up as a direct sequel to the original from 1978. Basically ignoring that any of the others ever existed. I am cool with that. Some of them got a little goofy. When you laugh at one of the best horror franchises in history, THEY are doing it wrong.

Of course, the first thing you need for a successful Halloween movie is Jamie Lee Curtis. Knowing she is in it means there is a good chance it won't suck. I say good chance because lets face it. Some of the ones she was in sucked. Example Halloween H20. Enjoyable maybe, but not deserving of being part of the franchise.

Here...check out the trailer.

It has that old school feel with a new school look. Kinda like the newer Rob Zombie versions. I thought he made a great remake when he did his first one but his sequel made Michael Myers scary again. Hopefully this won't screw that up.

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