Last weekend my family was driving by the McDonald's on Walton St. in Rockford when I noticed a dancing cow on the corner across from where you enter the Sam's Club parking lot.

Obviously, a person dancing in a cow suit is not something you see every day, so it definitely stirred my curiosity. I was able to see a sign behind the dancing cow that said 'Sweets N' Eats' and I automatically needed to know more. At that moment we didn't have enough time to stop by and see what the fuss was all about, so I turned to Facebook instead and now I know exactly where I am going this weekend.

Sweets N' Eats is a new ice cream shop located at 7096 Walton St. that serves Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream, which claims to be "Genuine Super-Premium Wisconsin Goodness". No need to say more, I'm sold and I haven't even tried it yet.

Although Sweets N' Eats in Rockford is just starting to build their Facebook page, I was able to find a little more info about the Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream they serve, and man, my mouth is watering...severely.

Vanilla, Chocolate, Cake Batter Fudge, Caramel Apple Pie, and 'Exhausted Parent', (Bourbon-spiked espresso ice cream swirled with bittersweet chocolate chunks), are just a few of the flavors that caught my eye.

I don't know if Sweets N' Eats in Rockford will feature all of the amazing flavors Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream has available, but I don't care. My kids and I will be going there this weekend to find out for ourselves. YUM!

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