It's road trip season and we're here to make sure your trip is the best of the best! There are some key things that can make or break a road trip -

  • The passengers
  • The music
  • The snacks
  • The stops

Which of those is most important? I would say snacks and stops. So how do you make sure these are the best? Go to Illinois' best convenience store!

Kelley's Market!

They were voted the best convenience store in our state. MSN details -

Known for their quality coffee and overall cleanliness, this popular Illinois chain should be your go-to when driving through the state.

And Rockford is FILLED with them.

Credit Google Maps
Credit Google Maps

So whether you're just on your way to work, or stopping through Rockford during a road trip, but sure to pull over at a Kelley's Market and make the most of your stop.

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