It's been another interesting year for this crew.

What the bad guys look as, "oh man I'm screwed, here comes the dog," these Rockford Police K-9's look at as, "oh boy, when I catch this guy I get a treat!"

I've been to enough seminars and meetings to learn that these dogs LOVE what they do, and that reward at the end means everything. These dogs go through hours of training, and become so disciplined after tons of hard work.

So just like you and me, these "officers" deserve a great Christmas too. There's a fantastic local organization called "Friends of the Rockford K-9." This is a group of area folks from all different walks of life, that support the Rockford K-9.



Friends of Rockford Police K9 is a non-profit 501(c3) which exists to support the expansion and maintenance of the City of Rockford Police Department K9 Unit.

Holding fundraisers, community awareness and simply supporting this unique group of heroes.

So what do you get these heroes for Christmas? Luckily, these pups are WAY smarter than you think. After a fun, interesting and hard working 2021 the Rockford K-9 have delivered their "Letters to Santa," or letters to Friends of Rockford Police K9.

These awesome doggies can catch the bad guy, protect their human K-9 partner, find the drugs, find the weapons, and just want to play catch after haha! But they do deserve a great Christmas and they have their lists...Here we go:


Sulley eats water buckets? I gotta tell you, the hand writing is better than mine!

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