Figuring out what store or restaurant you are going to rob, is probably half the work right? For these two Wisconsin men, not much thought went into the "where."

In the parking lot of the "Italian Community Center" in Milwaukee, there was around 300 cop cars from all over Wisconsin. Inside officers were attended a seminar, fully armed and ready to protect and serve even though they were in a meeting.

Screams came from a nearby restaurant just down the hallway from where the cops were meeting. Officers jumped up and made their way to the scene. Two men were attempting to rob the cash register of the restaurant.

The first officer that broke up the crime, cuffed the suspects and asked the simple question..."Do you know what's going on here today?" The criminals had no clue, zero, nada...Didn't notice the 300 cop cars in the lot or nothing.

"There's never a cop around when you need one."

Well, there was...300 and these guys are morons. One detective, one retired officer, responding to a scream for help and these guys were clueless.

Check out this video, this detective has a great sense of humor about the whole situation...Very much a "what the hell, man?" This detective was great!


Talk about not knowing your surroundings! Plus, what did you think you were gonna get out of a restaurant cash register...maybe, MAYBE $300? Maybe some bread sticks on the way out? Think these things through people!

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