If you are going to pull off some serious b.s. you might as well go that extra mile to add all the bells and whistles. Faking that you are employed somewhere is pretty weird, but getting dressed up in a shirt and tie to "pretend" to be the new manager at Denny's?? That's the absolute best. FOX8

James Summers of Madison, Wisc. wearing a tie and carrying a briefcase walked into a Denny's and told everyone he was the new manager. This seemed quite bizarre to the REAL manager, but the weird doesn't stop there.

James said he was from the Denny's corporate office...He was there to be the boss, and apparently make himself something to eat? In a suit and tie, as the "new manager" he walked right into the kitchen and made himself something to eat.

The REAL corporate office was called and so was the local police.  When cops arrived and arrested the fake Denny's manager, he was maybe a little "under the influence."  Shocker right?

When cops showed up James was not only enjoying the meal he made, he also has a stun gun on him and was charged with disorderly conduct, drug possession and possession of an electric weapon.

The current manager said he must have the wrong store, and he was like "no this is the one." She had received no memo about change in management.

Like I said if you are going to get all "dumb criminal" might as well go big! Hope he enjoyed the burger!

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