A unique bookstore bar can be found in Illinois.

Different Themed Bars

I remember going to visit a friend in college and near his campus was a bar named "The Library." What a great idea. When his parents would call before he went out to party, he would tell him he was going to the library. They were so proud until he flunked out of school for drinking too much.

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Reading For A Hobby

I will be completely honest with you, I am not much of a reader. I try but it usually puts me right to sleep. I have plenty of friends that enjoy it and read books all of the time. Many of them like to have a couple of glasses while they are into a good book. Not a bad little hobby.


Modern Book Stores

If you have been to a book store recently, you may have noticed they are a lot different nowadays. I would say they are more like coffee shops that sell books. Customers can purchase a beverage to enjoy while they are reading in a comfortable setting. Back in the day, I remember getting run out of a bookstore for reading the Rock music magazines without buying them.

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How About Combing Them All Together

Okay, let's combine all these fabulous ideas together for one ultimate place where you can catch a buzz and learn at the same time. I am talking about a bookstore with a bar so you can read and have an adult beverage at the same time. Well, someone in Illinois has already done it.


Welcome To Illinois' Bookstore Bar

The name of this wonderful place is The Literary in Champaign, Illinois.

According to The Literary Book Bar Facebook Page, 

"The Literary is a bookstore, restaurant, and wine bar serving up the finest wine, plates, and reads on planet earth."


"We're all about community, connection, and getting together around things that light us up."

From theliterarybookbar.com, 

"Because books and wine (and coffee and tasty plates) pair perfectly together. "

For more info, HERE. Simply brilliant.

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