The Rockford Hard Rock "Opening Act" is open and wow is it a HUGE DEAL in town!

Hard Rock and 96.7 The Eagle are huddling up for a MASSIVE VIP BIG GAME PARTY!

So here's the deal:

  • Double T Thursday morning (Captain Jack on Friday morning, filling in for Double T) will have three, $25 Hard Rock gift cards to hand out with "Hard Rock Trivia."
  • If you win the Hard Rock gift card, you are qualified for the 96.7 The Eagle/Hard Rock GRAND PRIZE!
  • You and guests will watch the "Big Game" this Sunday at Hard Rock Rockford: Opening Act, with former Chicago Bears greats, Dan Hampton & Otis Wilson!

Watching Bengals and Rams in the BIG GAME with two Chicago Bears legends? I've played basketball with Otis twice, and have had some interesting conversations with Dan Hampton. Two guys that defined that Chicago Bears "toughness" but are super nice guys.

Listen mornings Thursday and Friday to 96.7 The Eagle to win the Hard Rock gift cards with Hard Rock trivia, and qualify for the GRAND PRIZE.

The Hard Rock trivia is pretty darn good, I nailed about 75% of these questions...They will make you think! Do you know rock history, do you know your rock and roll!?!?

Imagine sitting at the "Hard Rock Rockford: Opening Act" with two Chicago Bears greats, talking about the "Big Game!" That could be you and a handful of your closest friends.

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