Have you ever been driving and not really paying attention to your speed? You glance down and it's a whoa, I didn't know I was going that fast! It happens, we all do it. Whether it's 5 or 10 over the limit, or 127 mph over....what?

"Rolling To Remember" Motorcycle Rally Held On Memorial Day Weekend In Nation's Capital
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This Chicago motorcycle rider had a "brief moment" of, oh crap that's fast! O.K., who are we kidding, this dude knew EXACTLY what he was doing!


Rodney Jones traveled from Des Plaines to the "Magnificent Mile" in seven minutes. IllinoisDriversLicense

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Imagine the reaction of Illinois State Trooper Illinois State Trooper Jason Heinzl, when he checked the radar gun! Now wouldn't you think that Rodney Jones would just keep going? He was doing 182 in a 55...just keep rolling and lose the cop, right?

men in police uniforms riding toy motorcycles
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"I wasn’t in the mood to run. If I’d wanted to run, I’d have run." - Rodney Jones

So what's the damage, the fine, what happened to Mr. Jones? He was fined $375 and ordered to purchase high-risk insurance. Wait, that's it? For the fastest speeding ticket in Illinois history?

front view riding motorcycle
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Jones was a member of the "Chicago RedLiners Motorcycle Club." Can't help but think that this is some serious bragging rights for Jones!

motorcycle run
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Rodney made that drive, super short and gets a higher priced insurance and a $375 ticket. Not to shabby, oh and don't try this at home...or on the road???

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