Rockford IceHogs Colonial Cup Championship 10th anniversary flashback with former play-by-play announcer Mike Peck.

The 2006-2007 Rockford IceHogs season was a very special one. They finally assembled a team that would get the job done by winning the last game of the season. They won the first championship in team history and so far, the only one.

It was great to be in the middle of everything that was going on that season. I was deeply involved with the team that year. I was the in-game host, so I ran all the promos during time-outs and intermissions. I co-hosted the weekly coaches showed called "Hog Talk." I also had players on my radio show each week.

When I wasn't working games, I was attending them decked out head-to-toe in IceHog's gear. I took road trips to Quad Cities, Fort Wayne, and Kalamazoo to support the team.

The team was good, but what really made it special was the personalities. There were a bunch of great characters. Everybody from the ownership to the coach to the players to the staff. They were fun to be around.

The other thing that made that year so different was there were going to be big changes the following season. The team was going to move up to the AHL. They were going to become affiliates of the Chicago Blackhawks. Also, the city was going to purchase the team and make major upgrades to the Metrocentre.

It became like the movie, "Major League." The situation was all or nothing. Win the championship because there was no tomorrow. Everybody on the team would be gone next season. It really was like a movie.

The team came close the previous two seasons. The finals went all seven games verses the Kalamazoo Wings. Each game was packed. Fans from both teams traveled back and forth between the two cities. I attended all the seven games, including the three in Kalamazoo. I put lots of miles on my car that series and didn't get much sleep.

The best game in sports is a game seven of a championship series. This one didn't disappoint. The team would forever go down in IceHogs folklore. The guys stayed in town for several days to celebrate. It was a blast partying with them. It was a great way to close the book on the UHL Rockford IceHogs.

Since the team has moved up to the AHL and became part of the Chicago Blackhawks organization, we have experienced such awesome things. We are so lucky to have this team here.

Even though I wouldn't want to go back to the old days, I remember what fun we had back then. No matter what happens with the team, the 2006-2007 IceHogs will always have a special place in my heart.

Rockford IceHogs
Rockford IceHogs

May 24th is the 10th anniversary of the Colonial Cup Championship. To celebrate, the IceHogs are doing a look back at that playoff run.

On 24th at 7pm, Finals Game 7 will be televised on WIFR's Justice Network 23.3

I got the chance to chat with Mike Peck about the season, I hope you enjoy the flashback.

Video: Rockford IceHogs Colonial Cup Anniversary with Mike Peck

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