If this internship doesn't already sound cool enough, wait until you hear their requirements. The Rockford IceHogs are looking to hire a summer intern in their communications and social media department.

The IceHogs took to their Twitter announcing that they're on the hunt for a Summer intern. They explained some of the requirements -

If you live in the area, can make witty movie references, know a little about hockey/media and don't mind being the butt of a few jokes, send your resume to icehogs@icehogs.com!

When someone replied to the tweet asking for other things they're looking for the IceHogs replied -

Can-do attitude

Familiarity with hockey

Some writing experience

Some social media experience

Photoshop experience is a plus

It's an unpaid internship but the IceHogs mention helping the internship count for college credit. In another tweet the said they're looking for someone who is at least a sophomore in college. You can apply by emailing "icehogs@icehogs.com"

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