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So happy to see and hear so many bikes on the road lately. People mention the sunshine, the smell of grass and rain as a sign of spring...for me, motorcycles owning the road is a sure sign. When I say "owning" the road, I mean it. When bikes are out, the road is theirs and we are their guests...so we need to drive MORE cautiously and with our eyes and ears peeled.

Before we hit this list of ways to better drive around our area with motorcycles out, let's start with mowing your lawn. Here's what I mean...If your grass clippings go flying into the road where bikes are traveling, DON'T do it. Angle your mower differently so that doesn't happen OR sweep up your mess. That grass on the streets will cause a huge and potentially deadly situation for bikers.

With that said, here are five additional ways to to be a better driver with motorcycles on the road:

  • Share the ROAD not just a lane
  • Increase following distance with the motorcycles
  • Remember while driving that motorcycles react differently
  • Look all directions when turning left

When you are heading down Alpine, across Riverside, the winding stretch of Perryville or wherever...keep your eyes open for bikes coming off side streets or merging lanes. Sometimes bikes can appear out of nowhere and that's on you the motorist to share and be aware.

Let's have a safe spring and summer for the two-wheel riders and their potential guests.


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