Someone hands you some string cheese - what do you do?

There's only one right answer here.

This Tik Tok sums up how I feel about string cheese perfectly -

@cookingwithtipsI mean it’s called STRING cheese for a reason♬ The Prowler - Daniel Pemberton

Some people in life don't know how to act right. Like this guy -

@liamslunchbox we all know this is the ONLY way 🙄 #eatingfoodthewrongway #eatingfoodwrong #stringcheese #cheesesticks #foodhack #foodhacks #eatingfoodswrong ♬ original sound - Liam Donafee

JUST NO! If you ever see someone in public eat their cheese stick like that ... RUN.

A new study revealed the food each state hates the most. It's not really a type of food, it's more food trends/ways to eat different foods. Have you guessed Illinois' by now?

According to MSN -

AGREED. Plus isn't the action of making the little strings like the best part?
I love Tik Tok for highlighting the correct way to eat string cheese. I also love Tik Tok for introducing me to this delicious string cheese hack -
@mandyleighmitchellThe secret is LIGHT string cheese! You are welcome! #keto #ketorecipes #DayInMyLife #lowcarb #lowcarbrecipes #momsoftiktok #ketosnack #lowcarblove

♬ Funny Thing - Thundercat

No biting or pulling involved at all.

The list of the most hated foods is pretty hilarious. It's just a bunch of unpopular opinions. Like Wisconsin's! Their most hated food is Lunchables. Maybe it's because the cheese they include isn't real Wisconsin cheese. Either way, this list is really funny to scroll through.


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