Besides this being the most hilarious Rockford Craigslist ad out there, the 'Hipster Make-Out Couch with Hulk Pillow' is free.

Recently, I can't stop flipping through Craigslist. There are always so many hidden gems just waiting to be found.

I've already shared with you the 7 Free Items on Craigslist You Would Actually Use and 5 Strange Jobs Posted on Rockford's Craigslist. I love Craigslist and it is actually where we got the awesome couches in our greenroom at The Eagle Studio!

Today, as I thought about finding more incredible free stuff I do or don't need for myself, I found this incredible posting.

I could not stop laughing.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Hipster Make-Out Couch with Hulk Pillow:

Here is the incredibly hilarious listing:

How often have you heard hipster college age kids complain about the lack of vintage make out real estate? Next to gas station coffee, it's probably the hipster millennial's biggest pet peeve.

Well, just look at this couch.

Problem solved.

This is clearly the couch that everyone's grandparents once covered in plastic and called a "Davenport." And it comes with two original pillows, and one nerd expansion pillow for those who want to show off their eclectic interests. The pillow is of the Incredible Hulk, who struggles with self doubt, and the juxtaposition of his rage and idealism - just like any other intelligent hipster anger monster. What better way to #lovetheearth and #liveauthentic than to #rehome this couch?!

This couch's #cozy #retro-plaid material will #cuddle you while you cuddle your favorite hipster. You'll feel so #blessed that you were able to invite them over for #netflixandchill while drinking #fairtrade #frenchpress coffee on this #vintage love nest!

There are a couple of minor tears in inconspicuous places, in tribute to the decorative tears so popular in hipster fashion.

One warning - due to the accuracy of the pattern and color, this couch may camouflage some hipsters completely. Be sure to perform a quick check before you and your sweetie commit to a #makeoutsesh, or things might get #awkward

If you have just realized that this is your dream couch, I do have terrible news for you. The couch has already been spoken for. The author of this post realizes that he may have sadden you that the couch is gone, but is happy to make you laugh.