Craigslist is an awesome place to search for free items, yet many times you end up finding free crap.

Here are seven free items that can be found on Rockford Craigslist that you will actually use.



    Sony Trinitron 36" TV

    Who couldn't use an extra television in the kid's playroom or the basement. It's from 2005, but works well. Key word is FREE!



    A Free Piano!? Sure it may need a little work to repair two of the keys, but a piano like this can be an excellent statement piece in your living room. If you can play the piano, think of how popular you will be at your next family gathering!



    Now, I know... you may be thinking, Lori... I don't need all of those tires. Well, think of the possibilities with these bad boys! You can use them as tire swings on a tree, raised beds for your vegetable garden or paint them and use them as lawn ornaments.



    Er Mah Gerd! A free boat! The trailer doesn't come with the boat... but still... a FREE BOAT!


    All Season Outdoor Table

    Glass tops are easy to clean, the hole in the center is for an umbrella and I'm sure you already have chairs sitting around the backyard. If you don't need another seating area, you can always use it as a plant stand as well!


    Faux Leather Sectional

    This is so sweet. I can't even believe it's free. I'm going to beg Captain Jack to let me take the Eagle Van to go pick this up myself. I mean look at those clean lines and the vintage feel of the seating sectional is to die for.


    Pita Chips

    Sure they are expired, but in my own opinion, Pita Chips never go bad. Crush them up and use them as a tasty breading on chicken... mmm, I'm drooling.