Forest City Gears in Rockford made parts that are on the Mars Curiosity Rover.

The Mars Curiosity Rover is making history. It is sending back to Earth incredible footage of Mars. There is a good example if you check out this link from

Did you know there's a Rockford connection?

The gears on the unit were made right here in Rockford at Forest City Gear.

How cool is that? I bet it's something you didn't even know.

Do you want to find more about Forest City Gear and the people that helped make the gears for the Mars Curiosity Rover?

Luckily, a local filmmaker, Pablo Korona, has made them part of his Our City Our Story short film series.

Check it out...

Video: Our Curiosity - Our City, Our Story

It's so great to see a story about positive things happening in Rockford, instead of the normal negative stuff.

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