You never know who you're sitting next to when your painting at Kate's Pie Shop.

International Fencing Tournament - Aquece Rio Test Event for the Rio 2016 Olympics
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I've been participating in the Smarty Pants Art Studio's Painting and Pie, at Kate's Pie Shop, for a year now. It's a ton of fun and I enjoy the time I get to spend with my sister. Over the year I've been going, there's always two gentlemen that are there in the class too. Their names are Dave and Mike. When you see someone once a month, you tend to have friendly conversation while you paint.

The other day I got a notification that Our City, Our Story had uploaded a new video to it's YouTube account. So I watched it and was pleasantly surprised. There was Mike from Painting and Pie talking about fencing and how he volunteers as a coach to keep the sport alive in town. I had no idea, but I thought that was pretty cool. Can't wait to bring it up the next time we're painting together. Enjoy the video below:


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