Last week at the Midway Theater in downtown Rockford, city officials went in for an investigation to see if the owner has made any progress.

Citizens and visitors of the Forest City are excited at the improvements in the downtown area.

There are still a few places that could use some work.

One of those locations is the Midway Theater. There is so much potential there.

For several years, the building has sat there in bad shape.

Last week, the city went in for a checkup.

According to,

"Officers with the Rockford Police Department, city code enforcement officials, and other city representatives performed an all-trades inspection at the historic theater Wednesday, Oct. 24, to determine if the vacant building is posing a public safety threat or is in violation of property standards ordinances."

The findings from the investigation have not been released as of yet.

City officials are working on getting the owner's detailed plans for redevelopment and a timeline for the work.

Hopefully, they can get that worked out soon. It's a shame the venue has been in such bad condition for so long.

A refurbished theater would be an excellent addition to the improving downtown area.

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