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While you shop for groceries at your favorite local Aldi store, IF you received the "double vax" you can now do it without a mask...yes!

I started going no mask at some local places over the weekend and it is a good feeling, a years worth of trying to find where I left my mask in my car is nearing the end. I did get some odd looks from people going maskless over the weekend, but hell I've played the game and followed to rules so now I can do life without a mask.

I have found masks in the laundry, my sock drawer, car floor, kitchen counter, you name it...but if I'm heading to Aldi, it's no longer needed. WREX

If you are not fully vaccinated you asked to still follow safety precautions and mask up. While you are not required to wear a mask any longer at Aldi there are still things that you will need for your trip to Aldi:

  • A quarter for your cart
  • patience as you wait in a super long check out line
  • your our grocery bags
  • a fondness for Dr. Salt, Peppsi, Not-so Coca-Cola
  • cat like reflexes as the check out person scans a cart full of food in 2.5 seconds 

Seriously the register peeps at Aldi are damn fast. I don't have my debit card out of my wallet and I'm being given a total for my groceries and a blank stare like, dude move it along there's more people here than just you.

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