I remember doing some really cool things in elementary school to raise money for various charities.

I know the 2020-21 school year looks SO different. So it makes me really happy to know that kids are still doing fun things to raise money or gather donations for charity. Red Apple Elementary in Racine, Wisconsin got creative on Monday when they finally ended their food drive for local charities like Cops N' Kids, the Racine Food Pantry, and a few churches.

The elementary school collected over two thousand cereal boxes. 2,300 boxes of cereal to be exact. So when you have that many boxes of cereal in an elementary school, you have to have some fun.

If you haven't thought of this fact before, let me blow your mind. Cereal boxes are pretty much big dominoes. So when you have a ton of cereal boxes, you play a giant game of dominoes. That's exactly what Red Apple Elementary did.

TMJ4 details -

On Monday, students set up a roughly 2,300 cereal box domino chain. Once the first cereal box tipped over, there was no containing the excitement of the students. It capped off with a big finale in the school gymnasium. Boxes were arranged in two large triangles. That was everyone's favorite part.

If you need a smile today - I hope this video does the trick.

HOW FUN WAS THAT? My favorite part was seeing how excited the kids got. And of course how many boxes of cereal were collected to donate!

This whole thing looked CEREAL-OUSLY fun.


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