A new list came out today, featuring which cities in Illinois are using Google searches on divorce and divorce lawyers.

The list was comprised using Google Trends and according to Road Snacks, "We simply looked at the cities searching for divorce and child support most often...The numbers below are on a scale of 100. Anything over 60 is considered high volume."

The top 5 on their list:

  1. Bloomington
  2. Hoffman Estates
  3. Edwardsville
  4. Plainfield
  5. Oak Park

According to the post, Bloomington tops the list with a "divorce search index" of 89 and a "child support search index" of 42.  Hoffman Estates ranked 2nd with scores of 82 and 35 respectively.

Where does Rockford fit into this "Google divorce search list?" Rockford received an "honorable mention," meaning they didn't land in the top 10 but the scores were pretty interesting.

Rockford tied with Springfield and ranked 13 overall having scored a 77 in "divorce search index" scores.

Before you start wondering if your significant other is searching for a divorce lawyer remember, Road Snacks disclaims all of their findings with "This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. Don’t freak out."

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