At least that is what Road Snacks has to say.

Apparently, your Google search history can reveal much about your love life.

One can assume that if you are Googling divorce and divorce lawyers, you are probably having some trouble at home with your spouse.

Road Snacks took a look at the Google Search history to determine which cities in Illinois have marriages crumbling the most.

In order to rank the Illinois cities that have the biggest marriage issues, we simply had to see which cities searched for divorce related topics. Using Google Trends, it’s pretty easy to figure it out, actually. We simply looked at the cities searching for divorce and child support most often.

Do you happen to live in one of these cities? For the sake of your marriage, we hope not!

  1. Bloomington
  2. Hoffman Estates
  3. Edwardsville
  4. Plainfield
  5. Oak Park
  6. Wheaton
  7. Lombard
  8. Downers Grove
  9. Evanston
  10. Bolingbrook

Well look at that! Rockford isn't on the list! Yippee! Looks like it's nothing but roses and butterflies here!


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