A Rochelle business purchased a smoker grill on Craigslist for a steal. Come to find out it really was a steal because the grill was stolen from a Chicago bar.

Jeremy Hicks, of Hicks BBQ, told the Rochelle News Leader  he was in need of a particular smoker grill for his barbeque business when he came across this ad on Craigslist for a BBQ Smoker Grill on a trailer.

DNA Info/Facebook/ Danny Beck
DNA Info/Facebook/ Danny Beck

Hicks knew this was the perfect grill for his business, and set up a time to meet with the man to purchase the grill in near Chicago last month on Septemeber 16th.

What Hicks didn't know is that the picture of grill was taken before the thief stole it from the Toons Bar and Grill lot in Chicago.

According to DNA Info, the thief took the picture, posted the grill on line looking for a buyer. When he got one, that being Jeremy Hicks of Rochelle, he stole the grill and set up a time to meet with Hicks to swap the grill for the cash. Then he immediately deleted the post from Craigslist. Now isn't that quite a crafty and elaborate scheme?!

It wasn't until a couple weeks later "while scanning a BBQ community page on Facebook, that [Jeremy] came across urgent wording and a picture of a grill, asking if anyone were to see it to please call. Realizing it looked familiar, Hicks called the number and after the owner described it in detail, it became apparent the grill had been stolen from the original owners."

The owners of Toons, almost gave up every finding their grill, they named Black Pearl, but in a last ditch effort they posted their plea to facebook and VOILA! the grill was found.

Hicks returned the grill to Toons and they paid him $1000 as a reward for returning the grill.

If I hadn't of read this story I'd almost think it was made up. It's nice to see stand folks like Jeremy Hicks still exist in wanting to right a wrong.

I'm glad this story had a happy ending for all involved. As for the thief, a report was filed but the police have yet to find him.

I guess that goes to show you have to be careful when purchasing things on-line. If it seems to go to be true it most likely is.

I can hear my Consumer's Ed teacher, Mr. Boardman's, voice ringing in my ears "Caveat Emptor" ~ let the buyer beware.







I can hear the words of my Consumer's Education teacher ringing in my ears

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