Thousands of dollars were stolen from people in Chicago during a ride-share scam.

Getting around has never been so easy. You download an app on your phone. When you need a ride, you order it from your device. No cash needed because you pay right there too.

Of course, nothing is perfect. Just like anything else, you have to watch out for scams. One illegal scheme hit some poor victims in Chicago for thousands of dollars.

According to,

"Authorities said a parolee with a long history of identity theft and credit card scams masqueraded as a ride-share driver downtown and cleaned out the bank accounts of at least four people after gaining access to their bank cards."

The suspect would approach potential targets by telling them he was their ride. He would then ask for a credit card for his fee. After swiping it, he would give them back an identical fake one. Then he would charge thousands of dollars on the victim's account.

Remember, you never pay drivers directly. Police warn to be extra careful when using those services because there are many scam artists trying to steal your money.

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