On this day in history Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young released 'Ohio.' The song chronicled the tragic events that occurred at Kent State University just ten days prior when four students were killed by Ohio National Guard members. I had heard Graham Nash say that he and his bandmates were together when Neil Young grabbed a 'party favor' and his guitar and strolled out into the woods. He came back a while later with the song 'Ohio.'

The band recorded it immediately. Neil claims that David Crosby began weeping towards the end of the recording. One of the loudest things I've heard in my life was Neil playing that song at Poplar Creek in Hoffman Estates in 1989. He was alone with his acoustic guitar, but when he plucked those deep notes in the song's iconic riff he sounded like the loudest band in the world. The notes tore right through your chest. Perhaps that was his intention.

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