Unlike popular belief, it isn't anything goes when it comes to boozing it up in Wisconsin.

Many Residents And Visitors Like To Party In Wisconsin

I understand that Wisconsin is known as the Dairy State but I really don't think milk is their beverage of choice. It's more like booze. Specifically any kind of liquor. North of the Cheddar Curtain, people love to party. It seems like the visitors believe in the phrase, "when in Rome," because they'll join right in. When it comes to alcohol, they do things a little bit differently up there. The rules seem to be more relaxed.

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Drunk Wisconsin Woman Randomly Shoots Gun In Neighborhoods

According to beloitdailynews.com,

Have you ever heard, "nothing good happens after midnight?" Well, this is the perfect example. This incident started around 2:42 am in Janesville. That's when police receive their first call about shots fired. Officers headed to the scene. They didn't find any suspects but there were several bullet shells on the ground in that area.

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As the cops were investigating that crime scene, they heard shots fired in a different neighborhood close by. Another pair of officers headed to that area. They also discovered bullet shells. Those matched the ones from the previous location.

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At the second scene, the officers found a possible suspect. She was drunk and blew a .210 on the breathalyzer. The woman admitted to being out drinking at a couple of bars that night. This lady also confirmed being at both locations where the shots were fired. The police searched her home and found two guns. One matched the bullet shells left behind. The other had been reported stolen. The suspect was immediately arrested. Who knew you couldn't get drunk and shoot guns in Wisconsin?

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