Many chefs suggest not using a grill to cook burgers.

My "go-to" summer meal is pulling out the grill and cooking out some burgers. It seems to make everyone in my family happy.

After many years, I just discover that I've been doing it all wrong. In fact, hamburgers should not be grilled.

According to,

"Three different chefs have told us to take those burgers off the coals immediately. Instead, put them on a griddle where you won’t lose any valuable fat or flavor to the flames below.”

If you don't believe me, check out what some experts have to say.

Bryan Voltaggio, chef and co-owner, Voltaggio Brothers Steak House, Washington, D.C. “We use a heavy-duty pan to griddle them. The sear you get from the even cooking surface always gives you a perfectly juicy burger.”

Gray Brooks, chef and owner, Littler and Jack Tar & the Colonel’s Daughter, Durham, North Carolina. "If you really want to cook burgers on the grill put a cast-iron griddle on the grill.”

Tae Strain, chef, Momofuku CCDC, Washington. “Perfect burgers are all about the natural juices. On the grill, you lose that because the fat drips down onto the coals, and you need those juices.”

I think I'm going to have to rethink the way I cook my burgers in the future.

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