Tuesday, August 28th, Governor Bruce Rauner signed Senate Bill 336 into law. This greatly expands the Illinois Medical Marijuana Program, by allowing patients to have access to medical marijuana instead of being prescribed opioid medications.

Gordon Swanson

This new law, Alternative to Opioids, is effective immediately and will be used to combat the growing rate of overdoses from opioids.

It will do so by allowing residents with qualifying conditions, such as chronic pain, access to medical marijuana instead of painkillers like Vicodin or Oxycontin.

With this new law, the fingerprint and background check requirements have been lifted.

The Illinois Medical Marijuana Program is still a pilot program and is set to run until June 30, 2020.

If this program is successful and if this new law helps with the opioid crisis, will the State of Illinois finally move toward making marijuana legal?

We may not have an answer to that burning question until closer to June 2020.

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