No matter what side of the fence you are on with with Medical Marijuana this video is crazy.


Jennifer Barrow, ThinkStock

It seems there is some pushing as shoving in Florida between the law enforcement and Medical Marijuana community.

According to this video from WFTS in Florida, the sheriff issued some sort of a "scare tactic" that there could be pot found in your kids Halloween candy, in Central Florida.

Really though not to make fun of this, if the wrapper doesn't say Snickers or Kit Kat will your kid even eat it? Long gone are the days of razor blades in your candy supply after you trick or treat. I guess bad people will dip into their weed and make candies for your kids in Florida.

If this is real of not (I doubt it) the video statement issued by the pro-pot organization made me think, dude pass the Doritos.

Watch this guy drop the knowledge and issue a stern "bite me" to the sheriffs department.


Do you worry about this type of think happening in Rockford?


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