If you plan on eating this type of candy on Halloween, you better have your dentist on speed dial.

I was a big fan of trick or treating, but there was only one problem. Every time I ate a piece my Mom would immediately tell me to brush my teeth or I would get cavities.

I'm sure many dentists in the Rockford area aren't huge fans of this holiday because of the sugar the children are consuming. It means lots of extra work for them.

Now as an adult and parent, I understand the importance of brushing my teeth. Especially, after having a bunch of candy.

Also, candy isn't all the same. Some are worse for your teeth than others.

From aol.com"Here are the worst Halloween candies for your teeth, according to a dentist"

  • Butterfinger"Sticky. Sugary. Gooey."
  • Swedish Fish - "It lingers around in the crevices of your teeth."
  • Lollipops - "Bathes your teeth for a long time with sugar."
  • Tootsie Rolls - "Cavity haven because they stick around."
  • Sour Patch Kids "Acidic and bathe mouth in sugar."
  • Laffy Taffy"Too sticky."
  • Jolly Ranchers - "Can literally break teeth."
  • Caramel Chews - "Can wreak havoc on your chompers."
  • Gummy Worms - "Very acidic."

These all seem to have a common theme.

Looks like I'm safe to stick with candy bars.

Have a great Halloween and don't forget your toothbrush.


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